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PERFADEX® Plus with Click Port

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XVIVO Perfusion have developed PERFADEX® Plus, a new generation of PERFADEX®. To save you time and effort, we have pre-supplemented the solution with calcium ions and THAM, so it is always ready to use. Calcium ions have been added to further mimic the composition of plasma. PERFADEX® Plus has several design fetures that make it even easier to handle.

  • Strong, reinforced hanger – for safety and convenience.
  • Free from PVC, latex and phthalates – for patient safety.
  • New double, twist-off sterile ports – are easy to grip and easy to open.
  • Ports are made of stronger plastic – no risk of perforating the bag during injection.
  • New easy to use click port – connect tubing spike free to the bag with one simple click using the XVIVO Click Adapter. Once connected, the tubing can rotate on its own axis for flexibility during handling.

PERFADEX® Plus is indicated for the flushing, cold static storage and transportation of isolated lungs after removal from the donor in preparation for eventual transplantation into a recipient. The colloid component, dextran 40, protects the microvasculature against post-ischemic reperfusion injury, primarily by preventing pathological leukocyte-endothelial interaction.12, 13 It also prevents edema formation during preservation.14,15,20 Calcium is important to maintain endothelial and epithelial cell integrity and endothelial contractility.23 It is also crucial to maintain tight junctions between cells (to avoid cell disintegration).22,24
Numerous studies have shown that PERFADEX® enables safe preservation of lungs up to 12 hours, depending of status of the organ during retrieval.

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